Gordian Business Solutions

Let us continue to take care of your business - All in ONE.

We provide the employees that are right for your business, no matter what industry you are in. With our remote workforce of college-educated and well-spoken professionals from Guadalajara, Mexico – we can offer low-cost rates with high-quality results! We are not a virtual assistant company or a call center, we help you source and hire remote employees for all levels of your company. Our employees will not only grow as a part of your team, but also help grow your company.

Maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of the bookkeeping is vital to the bottom line and profitability of your business. Gordian Financial offers a myriad of services to support you in managing the financial bottom line and protecting you from federal or state violations when it comes to maintaining your business. We support your business, utilizing tools that are cloud-based and paperless. We will never actually touch your money; we simply help you manage it and account for it.


Our consulting has helped dozens of businesses over the years transform their organization into the best version of themselves. Since our portfolio is run by the same management team, you can rest assured the expertise is shared, and we can provide a full-service solution. We are truly here to help every step of the way and we are extremely interested in seeing you in your company excel.

If you are interested in having Gordian work with your organization to help document and maximize your processes and procedures, untangle your Org Chart, facilitate employee synergy and collaboration, or whatever else you feel is your company’s current bottleneck, please reach out to us for a consultation, [email protected]


Has your company integrated new programs and you’re in need of a specialized team to help? Are you looking for assistance on large-scale company projects and you can’t seem to find the right fit, or simply don’t know where to start? Our Shared Services allow us to hire your own Remote Team Members to get the job done so you can focus on growing your business.

For inquiries or to learn more, contact us about our Shared Services, [email protected]